AmelinusMobile Legend Name Change Application- In this article, we will discuss how to change the mobile legends account name for free without limits. In mobile legends the rules for making nicknames are only allowed 2 times, now with this trick you can mutually change your ML account name at will, without limits. The following Mobile Legend Name Change Application.

Script Application

This script was made by a reliable modder and there have also been many youtubers who have reviewed this script in the video and it has proven to be successful. Well, in the following, we will show you how to install a free unlimited mobile legends nickname change script.

First you have to download the script first click here. After that you extract it with a file manager application such as ZArchiver or others. Copy the extracted file to Internal Memory > Android > Data > > files > dragon > assets > Document > android > ServerShare (paste here).

Then you open the ML game and don’t need to delete the file. After entering the Menu, you click on your MLBB account profile in the upper left corner. Then click settings with a gear icon. Later you will see a pencil icon, you click the icon and you just change the new nickname according to your wishes, press OK done.

How to Change Mobile Legend Name

Before continuing, there is something you need to know. For players who have never changed their Mobile Legends account name, replacement can be done for free.

First, please open the Mobile Legends game. After entering Mobile Legends, please tap the profile icon above. Tap Mobile Legends Name Then, Click Mobile Legends Nickname. To be able to change the name, please tap the nickname of your Mobile Legends account, now you can start changing nicknames.

Your Mobile Legend

Tap the nickname field, then tap the paste icon. Select the nickname you have set and tap OK. Paste the New Nickname for Mobile Legends, if so, the Nickname will appear in the Name column. Please tap OK again to apply the name to the Mobile Legends account, now the nickname has been successfully changed.

Example of Changed Account Nickname

If you have applied the nickname will automatically become exclusively replaced. Examples are similar above. It means that you have assigned a suitable nickname. Neither the name nor the symbol you will use. Because it is similar to what has been said before, the potential for free nickname changes in Mobile Legends is only valid once. Here’s how to make a unique name in mobile legends.

Visit the CoolSymbol Site

Go to the coolsymbol site, first please open the browser you usually use. Then come to our site. More or less our page will look like the one above. Enter a new name, select the font you want. Next, please enter the new name you expect in the column that is already available. Automatically, all fonts on the page follow the text you type. If so, please select a font type and tap the Decorate button.

Choose Custom Symbol

Specify the desired symbol, here you will be directed to the Text Decoration page. You can search and select the symbol you want to use. For example in this example we want to use the melody icon, so how to use it I just need to tap on the melody symbol. Automatically the melody symbol will be directly used in the nickname.

Review Name and Copy

Please swipe up on the screen. There you just need to review the nicknames of the selected fonts, including their symbols. If something does not match, please replace it with the steps as above.

That’s my explanation about Mobile Legend Name Change Application hopefully useful, thank you.

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