Sluruls – Everyone is certainly familiar with anime. That is an animation from Japan that has many fans, including in Indonesia. Did you know, now there is already an anime photo editing application. Therefore, don’t miss out on knowing it.

Application for Edit Photos to Anime

Over time, technology is growing rapidly. No wonder it makes developers make anime just by using applications. Of course your photo will turn into an anime character. Below are the applications that can be used:

  1. Meitu

One of the recommended apps for turning photos into anime characters is Meitu. This application itself can be used quickly. That way, it only takes you a few minutes for the photo to turn into a cartoon without wasting any more time.

Not only that, the Meitu application also provides a complete range of other features. Not only can you make photos as anime characters, you can also use them to give an effect to add stickers according to their individual tastes to make them more interesting.

  1. Anime Face Changer

As the name implies, this one application you can use to turn photos into anime. That way, you don’t have to worry about changing it anytime and anywhere according to your individual needs and desires. Therefore, be sure to try this app.

Anime Face Changer itself is perfect for those of you who want to learn to edit. The reason is, its use is quite user friendly so there is no need to worry about difficulties. The application even only needs to be downloaded via the Playstore and then you can use it for free.

  1. Avatoon

The Avatoon application can be the best choice if you want to edit photos to turn them into anime. Users themselves can take advantage of various operating systems when they want to use it. Whether it’s iOS or Android, you only need to download it via the Appstore or Playstore.

Avatoon itself offers facial recognition features. That way, if you upload a photo, you can convert and edit it into an anime character in no time. In order not to be curious, it’s a good idea to just try it right away.

  1. Prism Photo Editor

Another app you can use is Prisma Photo Editor. This application can be the right choice if you want to edit photos into anime cartoon characters. Moreover, there are many filter options available so you can be creative according to your tastes and desires. Of course, it’s very easy to be as creative as you like.

Of course, you only need to take advantage of one of the filters. So that later you can turn a photo into a unique and funny anime character. That way, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time doing it because its use is very practical.

  1. GO Art

GO Art is an application for photo editing that is highly recommended. The application made by Everimaging Ltd. has many features for its users. You can use it to turn photos into anime characters very easily and practically.

Not only that, there are still lots of cute stickers that you can add randomly/freely to your photos later. To use this application, you only need to download it first via the Appstore or Playstore according to their respective operating systems.

Those were some recommendations for photo editing applications to become anime that you can use. After knowing this, it is of course very easy to make photos like anime characters without having to bother. Therefore, make sure to try it immediately and prove it for yourself.

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