AMELINUSThis is the Best Javanese Script Translate Application- There are two Java language Translate apks on our list. This makes it easier for you to choose which one you think is good. But there are a few that we must emphasize once again. That every application that has advantages will also always have disadvantages.

So just adjust it to your needs or you can download both. Here’s the importance of knowing the application Translate Javanese Script the best that we will review, listen carefully, yes.

Javanese alphabet

In writing Javanese script or hanacaraka itself there are several writing procedures, elements, and other rules. Giving a little explanation slowly about the letters and their rules will make it easier for you to understand these characters.

The easier you understand it, the easier it will be for you to write and understand the contents of this character. Before heading to a more in-depth direction regarding hanacaraka, here are some descriptions related to hanacaraka writing.

Bagaskara App

The Java Script Translate application with the first photo is Bagaskara. This application made by Prieyudha Akadita is very useful for those of you who want to translate without being complicated. The advantage of this application may be that its size is practically small so it can be used more lightly on your cellphone. The interface is very simple and very easy to understand.

With this application you can translate Javanese script from Aksara to Latin or from Latin to Aksara. In the settings there are several features that you can use. Here are the features in this application that you usually think of.

Use Murdha Script

The first feature we want to mention is Aksra Murdha. This feature is very rare in other apps. Which will make it easier for you to translate Javanese characters. If you want to translate Javanese script using Murdha script, you can use this feature by pressing the on off button on the right. The resulting murdha script can be said to be good.

If you enable this, you will be able to see your Translate using the correct spelling e. That way you can tell which is using e’ or e. This feature is great for complementing your Translate. It must be installed to get this feature.

Use Space

If you use this space feature, your Translate will be assigned a special character in each space. This is very easy for those of you who want to retranslate so that the spacing remains the same. Although this feature can be said to be trivial, it turns out that this feature is still being hunted by some people. According to them, this feature is very effective for saving time when you want to translate back and forth.

How to use this Javanese script scan application:

First, search for your Play Store app, then click on the search section and type bagaskara translate. Then the application will appear then click and press the install button. And wait for it to finish. Once finished installing this app, it will appear on the home screen of your phone.

You can press it and a display will appear. Write down the words you want to translate. If you want to write Latin to Javanese, you can put Latin in the upper left corner and letters in the right corner. If you want to translate otherwise, you can press the swap icon. For those of you who want to scan Javanese characters, you can press the camera icon in the lower right corner.

That’s my explanation about this application Translate Javanese Script Best hopefully useful, thank you.

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