Amelinus – WhatsApp is one application chat most popular around. What made it so famous was that it was the first mobile app to offer free messaging. In fact, this application is considered to have exceeded SMS, because users no longer need to worry about the number of characters. Users can type from 15 to 500 characters without worrying about messages getting separated. In fact, the actual limit is over 65,000 characters, so there’s no need to worry anymore.

Apart from that, another thing not to worry about is related to usernames. WhatsApp doesn’t need it. The username is already linked to your mobile number, so the name will appear to other users with the same name as in their contact list.

Sadly, hackers can hack into your WhatsApp account. When this happens, you may wonder what you can do to get your account back and secure it as a precaution against future arrivals. This article explains what to do if your account is hacked and helps you protect it in the future.

How to Know if your account Has infiltrated

One of the main indicators that your WhatsApp account is compromised is see contacts that don’t belong to you. WhatsApp is so intuitive that it will add contacts when you sign in to a new device. Another sign is, of course, the message you didn’t send. If you open WhatsApp and see a suspicious message, chances are someone is using your account.

Another sign of a compromised WhatsApp account is strange communication from the company. For example, you may have received an email about a change to your account. If you’ve got something like this, it’s good you take action immediately.

Lastly, the company may have been hacked. This situation is usually a large-scale attack that compromises user data. Unfortunately, there is no good way to detect this type of activity. Either way, WhatsApp will send you a notification that your account may have been compromised.

For more information, here’s how to spot suspicious activity on WhatsApp.

What To Do If Your WhatsApp Account Is Hacked?

Now that you’ve figured out how to tell if your account was hacked, it’s time to learn how to take action. Remember, you want to act quickly to protect your personal information and regain control of your account.


1. Tell Your Contacts

One of the newest scams is hackers asking for a verification code while pretending to be your contact. Due to the nature of WhatsApp’s security features, all you need is a phone number and a verification code to log in.

When someone hacks your WhatsApp account, they can send a message to your contacts stating that the company sent a verification code and then gained access to their account. That’s why one of the first things you’ll want to do is message your friends and family, notify them that you have lost access to your account. This action prevents further exploitation of your account and that of others.

Another reason you might want to tell your contacts that you don’t have access to your WhatsApp account is because they might be looking for your personal information. From your banking number to your email address, hackers will cleverly try to gain access to as much of your personal information as possible.


2. Don’t Log Out and Log Back If You Receive a Verification Code

While this may seem a little strange, one of the methods hackers use is a verification code to lock you out so they can gain access. This action works because WhatsApp only allows so many verification codes to be sent at once. When hackers use all verification codes, you have to wait 12 hours to get another code. But, hackers are more prepared than you are, so they will get the code and get into your account. They effectively lock you out.

If you receive some WhatsApp texts with verification codes, it’s best to just ignore them. Continue using your WhatsApp account as usual.


Things to Know for the Future

Despite the horror stories about hacking, you can prevent many hacker attacks in the first place. In most cases, people unknowingly give hackers access to their devices when they open infected messages or other content sent from suspicious sources.

If you ever receive a message from an unknown number or a suspicious link, make sure not to open it. The same applies to application installation. You should block all installations from unknown sources. The Play Store has an option that allows you to do this.

Public and insecure networks are another thing you should use with caution. Users should avoid public networks as they are often insecure.

If all else fails, it is best to lock WhatsApp on your phone with an app locker or simply deactivate your WhatsApp account.


Let Others Know

If you find out that you’ve been hacked before someone asks about strange activity from your account, be sure to let them know and post it as much as possible on social media. Also, don’t forget to report the issue to WhatsApp, as they will most likely help you take further action.

Hacked WhatsApp FAQ

Can hackers see all my messages?

Not. According to WhatsApp, all messages are stored on your device and not in the cloud service. Even if messages are stored on your device, they are protected by end-to-end encryption. If someone gains unlawful access to your account, they won’t see your previous conversations.

How do I know if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

First, check if your battery life has dropped significantly. If so, this may be a sign.

See if the amount of internet data used by your phone is increasing for no reason. If so, there’s a good chance you got hacked, even with another app.

As you probably already know, the temperature of your phone increases when it is under increased stress. However, if you’re not using large resource-consuming apps, at least right now, and your phone is heating up, you should consider spyware as a possible culprit.


What else can I do if my WhatsApp account is hacked?

Apart from notifying friends and family about the hack and staying logged in to WhatsApp when receiving an activation code, you should disable WhatsApp Web.

There is a feature called “Log out of all computers” that you should use. This feature also has a list of devices where you last used your account so you can see if you don’t recognize them. The only problem with this method is that it is based on the server you are connected to, and the VPN also sends incorrect location information. Regardless, location details can be a sure sign of an unauthorized user on your account, especially when you verify where you are logged in based on what your device sends in the form of information.

App lock is an added consideration, helps you to lock any app on your smartphone. This way, hackers have to unlock your phone before attacking further. There is also a locker specifically intended for WhatsApp.

Lastly, try enable two-step verification in Account settings for an additional layer of protection.


I need more help. Is there a phone number I can call to contact WhatsApp?

Maybe you’re not tech savvy or the hacker dealt a big blow to your account. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have a phone number you can call (similar to many online platforms today). However, if you need more help, use the page Contact us on WhatsApp to report any issues you’re having and receive help from the support team.

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