Why is Download on Playstore Delayed? For Android users, accessing the Play Store can be something that is usually done every day, because all applications that will be downloaded usually have to go through the Playstore to be more secure, with the Playstore we can download lots of free and paid applications without having to hesitate or be afraid. if the file or application becomes a virus on our cellphones.

Because every application downloaded on the Play Store has been verified by the Google Play Store itself, so it is guaranteed to be safe. However, sometimes an error occurs when downloading, such as the download is not complete, or suddenly disconnects.

Or another error that usually occurs is that the application download on the Playstore is delayed. maybe you experience it and you ask why the download on the playstore is delayed.

because this is quite disturbing for those of you who want to download certain applications or games on the Play Store, especially if the application is very important and you want to use it as soon as possible.

This error can be solved with a few ha. Here are some ways to solve the download failed error or download delay which could be a solution for those of you who are looking for a solution why downloads on Playstore are delayed.

Why is the download on the playstore delayed?

There are several things to note when there is a delayed download on the Play Store

Check internet connection settings

Sometimes the failed download on the Playstore could be caused by an internet connection that is not smooth, such as a disconnected internet network when using a data network. For that make sure you have a stable network when you are connected to a data network, or you can use a Wifi network which tends to be more stable than a cellular data network.

If you experience delayed downloads on Playstore, then you can immediately switch to other connection settings available near you, such as wi-fi, or if possible you can get a tethering connection from another cellphone.

Clear cache on Play Store

The solution to why the download on Playstore is delayed is a cache problem. Sometimes the problem is no longer in a failed internet connection, because when you have ensured a smooth internet connection and also connected to a strong wi-fi. But why is the download on Playstore delayed? It could be that the cache on your Google Play Store is too accumulated, so it needs to be cleaned on your Google Play Store.

To do cache cleaning is one way to solve the pending download error problem. You can go directly to the settings menu, find the Play Store application and click the clear cache or clear cache button. In this way, you have cleared the cache, and it could be an error and the reason why the download on the Play Store is delayed can be resolved immediately.

Play Store Update

The Play Store itself usually updates or updates regularly, so make sure the application from your Playstore has the latest version available. Because it could be an error or the reason why the download on the Play Store is delayed is caused by the Playstore that must be updated.

For that, check your Playstore version and make sure if there is an update, immediately update from the Playstore application.

Internal memory full

Another reason why the download on Playstore is delayed is the full internal memory, because after all Playstore will look at the capacity of your internal memory because, the internal memory will be used as temporary storage, before you use the application on your memory card.

So make sure that your internal memory is not full, and if it’s full you should delete some apps so that the apps you download are no longer delayed.

For the latest cellphones, maybe this is not the problem that is the main cause, because the latest version of the cellphone has a very large internal storage, so you can easily download it without having to experience a delayed error in the Play Store.

But there’s nothing wrong with re-checking the storage from your cellphone because you might not realize that the internal storage is full, while when you download or download the internal storage is a very important thing to pay attention to.

Update HP OS

If you are an Android user, you can immediately check for the latest updates from your Android operating system, as well as if you are an iOS user, you must have the latest version of iOS installed on your cellphone. Because updates available on HP can be one of the causes of failed downloads on the App Store or Play Store.

Especially for Android, this could be the reason why the download on the Playstore is delayed, because the version of Android you are using now may not match the version of the application you are going to download. For that make sure the Android version that is installed on your cellphone now is the latest version.

Repeat download

Try to restart the download after you clear the cache, by canceling the previous download or previous download and starting a new download, with the cache condition in the playstore cleared.

This way the Play Store will start with cache-cleaned apps, and most likely failed downloads won’t happen again.

You can also restart your cellphone first, so you can be sure that all conditions start from new and also the condition of the Playstore application after it is clean.

Log back in

If some of the methods above cannot solve the problem of why the download on the Playstore is delayed, then what you need to try next is to re-login or log back into your Playstore account. You can also try logging in with another account which might be a solution for those of you who are experiencing download problems or pending downloads on the Play Store.

Those are some ways you can do to solve the problem of why the download on the Playstore is delayed, if you have done some of the ways above but still Play Store can’t download properly. The other way is to do a reset or factory reset, which is actually something that is not recommended to do.

Because if you do a factory reset you will delete all data on your cellphone, without exception. so that your cellphone will come back like new like it just came out of the manufacturer.

But again, this is not the recommended way to do it because this will delete your data on the cellphone. if you don’t find a solution why the download on the playstore is delayed, you can download it on another cellphone and do file sharing using the application file sharing others that may have been installed on your cellphone.

Or you can also look for APK files that are available on websites other than the Google Play Store, but of course that’s worrying, because apk files from websites other than the Google Play Store cannot be verified clearly whether the code in the the application is still pure or has a virus inserted.

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