SlurulsHow To Get Free Diamond ML Without Apk- In this article, we will discuss about one of the Best Seller Online Games from Moonton, namely Mobile Legend. It is undeniable that ML is indeed very interesting, offering 5v5 mode, lots of heroes, and the team that managed to beat other teams then he is The Winner. This is done so that ML Player does not get bored. Following How to Get Free Diamond ML Without Apk.

How to Get Free ML Diamonds

Diamond is one of the legal means of payment in the online game Mobile Legend. Usually game players get diamonds by way of top up, purchases with rupiah, via credit, tokens or it can be via account. The more diamonds a player has, the higher the chances of defeating the opponent plus winning the game.

However, the very high price of Diamonds is undeniably also making ML online game players discouraged. Most likely ML game players are looking for other ways to get Diamonds. Then what are the ways? Read this review to the end.


Tips to Get Diamond ML Without Apk

Actually you can get free Diamonds without any additional application, according to the players this method is the most effective way without having to spend money. Check out the points below:

ML Tournament

You can take part in tournaments held by Moonton or the Indonesian ML community. However, getting diamonds through tournaments is also not easy. Because enemies who are good at god skills also come from various regions.

Become a Mobile Legend Streamer

If your skills are high and qualified, please become a Streamer in Mobile Legend by providing some useful tricks for the audience. Usually they will give some kind of like or coins that can be used to top up Free Diamonds.

Join Mobile Legend Events

Take advantage of real events hosted by Moonton. Take advantage of events to earn coins. But make sure the show is real, not fake.


Wherever, any Giveaway is certainly interesting. You can participate in giveaways held by other players, not only diamonds you will get, but also various other prizes. Previously this giveaway must have been conditional.

The conditions are in accordance with the organizing team. Some parties who often hold giveaways apart from Moonton itself are from game stores, YouTube and others. Keep an eye on their page. ha That’s the way you can use to get free Diamonds without an application.

How to Get Diamond ML with Apps

In addition to the methods without the application above, here are our reviews on how to get free diamonds with the application:


In this Vodi, you only have activities to chat, call and watch videos. The formula is, the more activities you do in Vodi, the more points you collect, which you can later exchange for pulses, vouchers and finally top up Free Diamonds.


The slogan is just to take surveys to get credit. You are only directed to fill out the survey that has been provided. Every time you finish, you will get coins that can be exchanged for vouchers, pulses that can be refilled with free Diamonds and various other attractive prizes.



This third method seems very fun and just for fun. How could that be? Using WeSing only needs karaoke, music and singing, the more you do activities on WeSing, the higher points you will get and eventually will be exchanged for credit, the tip will fall to Diamond top up.


In Baca Plus, you just need to do news reading missions. The news provided also varies, some are in the form of videos, or in the form of funny humor. The formula is also the same as above. The higher the activity, the more points you get.

That’s my explanation about How to Get ML Diamonds Free Without Apk hopefully useful, thank you.


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