Isekai Ojisan is an anime about Ojisan, an uncle who once traveled to another world and now returns to Earth to live a cute life with his nephew, Takafumi. It can be said that the Isekai Ojisan anime is considered by many to have an ugly main character. However, in exchange, the Isekai Ojisan anime has a pretty good waifu.

And here are the five most beautiful and best waifu in the Isekai Ojisan anime:

5. Yousuke Shibazaki “Ojisan”

Yousuke Shibazaki "Ojisan"

With clever magic, the skinny and ugly uncle turned into a long-haired beautiful elf, deceiving the hearts of many viewers. If you didn’t know this is an uncle in disguise using magic, many people might consider this character to be Isekai Ojisan’s best waifu because of his cute behavior.

4. Tsundere Elf

Tsundere Elf

Elf is a character who lives in another world. Her real name is Suzailgiererzegalnelvzegilreagranzelga Elga. This girl is often called “Tsundere Elf” because of her grumpy, hateful nature, but is actually very cute.

In Isekai Ojisan, the Tsundere Elf has long blonde hair with twin ponytails and green eyes. This character has several fans because she is very beautiful, with a face that often blushes.

3. Mabel


Mabel Rayveil is a support character who lives in another world in Isekai Ojisan. According to the description, she is the last descendant of the Ice Tribe (perhaps that’s why Mabel’s hair color, eye color, and clothes are all blue). Mabel is pretty and a bit shy when it comes to communicating, so it’s adorable.

2. Alicia

Alicia Edelcia

Every isekai anime needs a female BB character. For Isekai Ojisan, that character is Alicia Edelcia. He was an apprentice adventurer who specialized in the use of light magic. Due to her lack of experience, Alicia had to rely heavily on Ojisan. This causes her and the male lead to seem to have a bit of a “relationship” with each other.

1. Sumika Fujimiya

Sumika Fujimiya Waifu Packs in Anime Isekai Ojisan

The first and best waifu in Isekai anime Ojisan, naturally fell for Sumika. He is an old friend of the main character Takafumi. After an unexpected reunion, he becomes a lucky “bystander” following Ojisan’s journey in another world.

When he was young, Sumika looked like an unruly brat! With age, her femininity becomes more evident in her appearance. Now, Sumika is a beautiful “woman” enough to captivate anyone – even viewers.

Above are the 5 most beautiful waifu in the Isekai Ojisan anime, and don’t forget to read other articles at

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