Best Free Novel App – Do you like reading? First reading novel or fiction? maybe you prefer now to read novels using an application on your cellphone, because nowadays you can access the corpse of a novel just by using an application on your cellphone without having to use a physical book. the advantages of reading novels using a cellphone Of course you will find it easier to carry the novel anywhere, you can even carry tens to hundreds of novels on your cellphone, you are overwhelmed with carrying it like carrying a physical book.

technological sophistication has changed the way people read books, in the past people read books only by using physical books which could be very inconvenient when carried, and it was very limited to carry many books at one time. but in this day and age, everyone can access many books in any part of the world using a cellphone, including novels that can be downloaded for free.

below are some free novel reading applications that you can use on your cellphone, both Android and iOS.


Best Free Novels App

digital grammar

Who does not know Gramedia, Gramedia is a printing company and also a very famous bookstore in Indonesia, in the digital Gramedia application you can buy and also subscribe to books according to your wishes and you can search according to what you want to read or the category you want. you want.

Besides being able to search for paid premium books, you can also get ebooks or electronic books that can be accessed for free for 7 days when you register. So for those of you who want to do a search for your favorite books, you can take advantage of this free reading opportunity from Digital Gramedia.

When you make a purchase, of course, you can get full access without a time limit, so you can read more freely whenever you want.


The next free novel application is Wattpad, this one application has been very popular, even who doesn’t know Wattpad nowadays? For those of you who have just heard of this application, maybe you haven’t been looking for information about novel APKs so far. This application has been downloaded by thousands of people and has been used by readers in Indonesia, both teenagers and adults.

You can use this popular free novel application to search for novels with many genres, such as romance, mystery, action, science fiction and many other novel categories that you can find here. interestingly you can search for novels in the language you want.

Not only that, those of you who like to write can also earn when using Wattpad, because with Wattpad you can also share inspirational writings of ideas or the like that can be published directly using this one application.

Not only novels, Wattpad is also available to read other types of books and you can also read books offline when you are not connected to an internet connection. Currently there are more than 100 million users in all parts of the world using this application, so you will not be lonely when using this application and there are also many communities who join this application.

You can search for this application only by using the Playstore on your cellphone or using the app store for those of you who are iOS users.


This is an application from the national digital library, which you can use to borrow and read books in collaboration with the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. That means the books contained in application These are the books in the collection of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia.

With this application you don’t have to bother visiting the National Library because only by registering and completing your data you can borrow books and also read books, which are available at the National Library. If you are interested, please directly download the National Library of Indonesia, an application that will help you find other interesting novels owned by the National Library collection.

Google Play Books

This application is the default application from Google which is arguably the most downloaded application for reading books, of course, because this application is native to Google and can be downloaded for free. There are lots of genres or categories of books that you can read here, including novels, so for those of you who are looking for a free novel application, the Google Play Books application can be one of your favorites.

However, the free novels here are not completely free but only excerpts of a few pages, so that it will be easier for you to determine which novel you want to buy. You are given permission to read a few pages to give your experience before you buy the novels.

Even though the collection of books is very large, there is another drawback found in Google Play Books, namely that you can only read online for books that you have not purchased and have not downloaded. You can read it offline if you have purchased it and also download it in its entirety on your device.

Novel Toon

This is an application that lives up to its name, namely noveltoon because with this free novel application, you can search for novels that have a lot of collections and can be read for free too. You can download this free novel application on the Play Store and you can also download it on the App Store for iOS users. in Play Store This application itself has been downloaded by more than 5 million users and you can immediately read novels offline without using an internet connection.

Good Novels

The next free novel app is Good Novel. Apart from Toon novels, you can also search for the best novels in the good novel free novel application, here you can also find various genres of novels, such as science fiction, mystery, romance, and so on. However, this platform or this free novel application is not completely free, because you have to pay a fee that will be used to pay the writers to be able to continue working to provide other best novels.

Those are some free novel applications that you can download on your cellphone, but keep in mind that not all novel applications are completely free. Because the work of an author is expensive, and of course we must appreciate the work, one of which is by buying it. In the beginning you may get free access but then you have to pay to read the entirety of the existing novels, as is the case with Google Play books where at the beginning you can read some of the pages of the novel and some of the other pages you have to pay before you can continue reading. .

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