Sluruls – Like most social media platforms, Instagram allows its users to make their accounts public or private. On a personal account, most users will not be able to see posted content and main profile details if they are not friends with the user. Through this article, you will know what it takes to view a private Instagram account. So, read this article till the end to find out, ok!

It’s not unusual if we sometimes want to see someone’s personal account. It could be, you want to know the latest news from an old friend without showing what’s already posted on Instagram, or you want to look at someone’s already successful one for inspiration. Well, whatever the reason, there are several ways you can do to view someone’s personal Instagram.

However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be able to see all of their posts. If that’s possible, let’s see what options are available.

Follow User

The first, most effective and also the most polite way to view someone’s private Instagram account is to send a follow request. If you’ve tried this method and it doesn’t work, please read the other options. But, if you haven’t tried sending a follow request at all for fear of not being accepted by the account owner, then read this section to the end, OK!

Before you send a follow request, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances that the user will accept it. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Have friends in common (the more, the better)
  • Interact with their public comments on other people’s posts
  • Make sure your profile is complete and you have interesting posts
  • Send them a direct message (DM) to introduce (or reintroduce) yourself

When you’re ready, send a follow request on the Instagram account. Here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile device or computer. Use the Search option to find the profile of the user you want to view. Then, select a user.

  1. Click Follow to submit the request.

Let’s assume that the user accepted the follow request you sent, so you can now browse through their account, including all feed posts and stories. However, you may need to be careful when watching their stories, because they can figure it out. Meanwhile, if the user doesn’t accept your follow request, you’ll need to use another method.

Ask the Same Friend

Another option that is quite good and doesn’t require much effort is to ask the same friend. The concept is this; When your friend follows a user with that personal account, you can request permission to view their account through your friend’s account. The problem is, how do you know which friends are also following the personal account?

Luckily, Instagram can tell you which friends to ask. Follow the steps below to find out:

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to the private user profile.

  1. Tap the link below their profile picture, next to “Followed by”.

  1. Done! You will see a list of the same friends.

Look and choose friends who might help you. If you don’t have any friends in common with the user, you can try making friends with someone else first.


Using Google to View Private Instagram Accounts

If you don’t want to send follow requests and wait for the user to approve, maybe you can try using Google.

This method refers to the idea that search engines on the internet never forget. While one can create access restrictions as soon as they join Instagram, most users do so after they have successfully established their identity. Google stores all the posts they make while the account is public and provides this information through a quick search. All you need to do is enter their name, include Instagram in your search field, then hit the search button.

If a Google search doesn’t yield much information, you can also check their other social media accounts. Most people nowadays have several social media accounts, especially those who want to take advantage of different markets and attract users who tend to be active on only one social media. Usually, you can find clues in someone’s Instagram bio to quickly find their other social media accounts.

In addition, you can also use photos if you have them. Do a reverse image search, this will allow you to go to their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

That way, you may be able to find photo albums or other useful information that may be sufficient for your needs.


Using Fake Instagram Profiles to View Private Instagram Accounts

If you want to be more covert, you can use a Trojan Horse, a “fake” Instagram profile maker that looks real to other users. After that, you can immediately submit a follow request and wait for approval.

For this trick to work, you have to be creative and impress the owner of the personal account so that it can influence their decision to accept the request. For example, let’s say they are an elite trader and like to share tips on how to be successful in that profession through a personal Instagram account.

Submitting a follow request via your real account may not be successful, especially if your account has nothing to do with trading information or other relevant topics. This way, you can create a new account that resembles an elite trader’s account, complete with a dozen videos on major trading topics. You can even add a series nuggets industry trending and give an opinion or two about the current state of the market. These posts will create an impression on the user of the private account so that they think of making friends with you.

Using Instagram Viewer Sites to View Private Instagram Accounts

If you don’t want to be bothered by browsing on many social media or creating a fake account that may not be in accordance with the principles you hold, maybe the Instragram viewer tool can be an option to view someone’s personal Instagram account.

There are more than a dozen Instagram viewer sites that claim to help you open almost any private account on Instagram. In fact, some sites promise complete anonymity when you do.

However, most of these tools don’t work, and the rest are unreliable. In the worst case, you can even provide personal data that can actually be used to infiltrate your social media accounts.

It is for this reason that we do not recommend these sites, but if you do, it is very important to use them with caution. At a minimum, you should do a thorough background check and browse online sources for reviews or other information that might give you a better picture of the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about personal Instagram accounts.

Can I view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing?

The answer; no. Instagram Stories is one of the rare features on social media where content creators can see who viewed their posts. If you view someone’s Story, they’ll see the Instagram account you used to watch their content.

How do I know if someone accepts a Follow me request?

Instagram will send you a notification when another user accepts your follow request. In addition, you can also find out through the Follow button which changes to Following.

Be a legitimate follower

If you’re having trouble viewing someone’s private Instagram account, we recommend submitting a follow request and waiting for approval. You can also try searching for their public posts or find them on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If this doesn’t work, some third-party apps might be able to help you view someone’s private Instagram content. However, it is important to do a thorough inspection before using the tool.


So, is there a personal Instagram account that you have managed to see other than the above method? Try commenting below!

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