For those of you who like to watch videos on various platform like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or Tiktok, there is one recommendation video downloader which you can easily access. Savefrom is the answer. Have you ever worn it?

If not, you don’t need to worry because an explanation of what Savefrom is, its advantages, and how to use it will be explained in this article. For that, let’s look at this article carefully. Don’t miss anything.

What is Savefrom?

Savefrom is a free site that you can use as videos downloader or music and photos from various social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, to Tiktok and so on.

By using this site, you can download as many videos as you like and watch them live offline so you can save your internet quota.

So you can watch it over and over again without having to open social media again because the video has been downloaded on your cellphone.

You just need to visit the site at and can use it right away. The unique fact is that this site is the oldest free video service site or provider, quoted from its official page.

Savefrom . review

Savefrom is referred to as the oldest video download service that can be used easily, for free, and without files watermark. With Savefrom, you can download various media such as photos and videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other sites.

Besides, because of this site is a site on the internet that can be accessed online on linethen you don’t have to bother to download and install software on your PC or laptop. However, Savefrom also has a version of the app that you can download and access quickly.

In addition, if you question the safety of Savefrom, you don’t need to worry because the security of this site is guaranteed and supervised by Norton Safe Web. In fact, many well-known and trusted media have recommended this site.

These media include Tech Advisor, TechRadar, MacWorld, The Daily Dot and many more. There are millions of users of this site who have downloaded online videos for free. So, you don’t need to hesitate or worry anymore about the security of this site.

For those of you who are still confused about how to use this free download site, below is a tutorial that you can follow to use Savefrom.

How to download videos using savefrom

Here are some ways to download videos using this site, namely:

  • Select the video you want to download on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter or other media that supports the use of this site
  • Copy the link from the video
  • Open the site on your cellphone or PC
  • Paste link which you have copied on this site and wait a while until the video footage you want to download appears
  • Choose the format and quality of the video you want to download
  • Click the green “Download” button to download the video

In addition to the methods above, there are quick ways you can do to download videos through this site, namely:

  • Add the address or before the link or video link you want to download
  • Wait a moment until there is a video preview
  • Choose the format and quality of the video you want to download
  • Click the green “Download” button to download the video

Advantages of Using Savefrom

  • This site can be accessed with all browsers quickly and practically
  • This site can be used to download various media from your favorite social media
  • This site provides various video quality options that you can choose from, from the lowest resolution to the highest video resolution
  • This site can be accessed for free
  • This site can be used directly without having to install software
  • You can use this site without registering an account
  • The video download process is easy and fairly fast

Those are some of the ways you can download videos from various social media using savefrom and the advantages of this site. But sometimes, there are certain times when you can’t access the site.

But don’t worry, in this article you will also find explanations and solutions to these problems. Check out the information below.

Why can’t Savefrom be used?

Although it has many advantages, it seems that this site can also experience crash at certain times. Here are the causes and solutions that you can use when this site crashes error or crash.

Cause the site can’t be accessed

  • Central server is down
  • Insufficient or unstable internet network
  • Blocked by Internet Service Provider (ISP) or internet network provider
  • Site is under maintenance (maintenance)
  • Browser data that is having problems
  • Problematic browser cache and cookies
  • Internet memory (smartphones) which is almost finished

After knowing the cause of the inability to access the site, here are the solutions you can try:

  • Go to app settings, select browser, then force quit browser and open it again
  • Restart or restart the device you are using, be it smartphonePC or laptop
  • Switch browsers, for example from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge
  • Change the internet provider you are using
  • Updates the device you are using
  • Clear browser data on your device
  • Clear Cookies and Browser Cache
  • Wipe files as well as applications that you rarely use
  • Use a VPN or DNS Solver

That’s a complete explanation of a site where you can download the best videos from various social media called Savefrom. Good luck, yes! Don’t forget to use it wisely too!

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