Best Photo Editing Applications – Several years ago, photo editing could only be done by professionals using computers or PCs that had high specifications, because at that time there were no smartphone devices, nor cellphones capable of professional photo editing. But everything is different nowadays because nowadays everyone can edit photos very easily using only a cellphone.

In fact, there are almost no cellphones that are not able to do the photo editing process easily, because some cellphones are equipped with high RAM and fast processors, so just editing photos is very easy.

There are lots of photo editing applications available on cellphones, and all of them can be downloaded for free or paid on the Playstore for those of you who are Android users or on the App Store for those of you who are iOS users.

Of the many photo editing applications, which one is the best photo editing application? Yes, maybe you are really looking for the best photo editing application so that you can use it optimally with the best results.

Moreover, downloading photo editing applications is also something that is sometimes annoying, because photo editing applications can be very large in size so it will require a lot of data packages. For that, knowing what are the best photo editing applications is the most appropriate thing before downloading the application.

Here are some of the best photo editing applications that you can try and download directly on your cellphone.

Best Photo Editing App

Adobe Lightroom

Who doesn’t know Adobe lightroom, this one application actually comes from a PC application, namely from Adobe lightroom. But lately Adobe has made a mobile application, with the same name, namely Lightroom. For those of you who are used to using Adobe Lightroom on a PC, of ​​course this one application is not a difficult application for you to use.

But don’t worry for those of you who have never used Adobe lightroom, or even just heard and read there is such a thing as Adobe lightroom, because this application can also be used easily for beginners. With this application you can also use instant formulas that are widely available on the internet.

You just need to search for Adobe lightroom formulas on Google, you will get lots of Adobe lightroom formulas that will make your photos more stunning without having to use high photo editing skills.

This best photo editing application is a photo editing application that is widely used by professional photographers, because as from Adobe drum lightroom on PC, Adobe lightroom mobile phone has very advanced features in terms of photo editing.

Adobe Photoshop

The next best photo editing app is Adobe Photoshop, yes still from the Adobe family. Adobe Photoshop itself is also an application that was previously on a PC, which Adobe recently released its application for mobile. Using Adobe Photoshop can also be used to perform photo manipulations, such as removing background images, performing certain effects to making touches that make photos feel different from before.

For that, for those of you who want to edit photos using the application, you can directly use Adobe Photoshop, by downloading it for free on the Play Store under the name Adobe Photoshop Express. This application is also a favorite application for photo editors, because Adobe Photoshop was already very popular when it was only available on PCs


The next best photo editing application is VSCO Cam, with this application you can add instant filters available in this application, which are arranged in easy-to-find categories. This application is also equipped with a color change feature, so it can make your photos come alive.

Not only that, the VSCO Cam application can also be used to change the exposure in photos, so that your photos can feel lighter or darker and also feel more luxurious or old-fashioned, according to the exposure settings you make.

Besides that, you can also join the VSCO Cam community, because there are lots of really strong visco communities so you can exchange ideas and also ask questions that you might not know when editing photos.


The next photo editing application is Pixlr, this application is one of the best and favorite photo editing applications. Because with this application you can add artistic filters, of which there are many options in this application. In addition, with this application you can also do photo editing in various image formats such as JPG, PNG, PSD and others.

It’s just that one of the drawbacks of this best photo editing application is, you may be disturbed by the many pop-up ads that appear when you use the free version. If you don’t want to be bothered by so many ads that appear then you have to join and buy the premium version.

PicsArt Photo Studio

The next best photo editing application is PicsArt, this application was also previously available on PC only, which in the last few years released a mobile version. This photo editing application is the most favorite photo editing application when on a PC, so when this application was released for the mobile version there were lots of people who immediately downloaded and tried it. PicsArt app to do photo editing.


The next best photo editing application is Unfold which could be an alternative application that you can use when editing photos. With this application you can also edit photos for your instastory needs because with this application you can set the canvas size according to the size of the instastory canvas or reels.

With this application you can also add lots of filters that will make your photos look more artistic and also more stunning without having to have photo editing skills. It’s just that this application is very suitable to be used as a special photo editor for Instagram because its features are very suitable for Instagram such as editing photos or videos specifically for insta stories and reels.

Those are some of the best photo editing applications that you can find on the Play Store, please try them by downloading them on the Playstore and doing a trial of all of the applications above. Of course, each of these applications has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose which one is the most suitable to your liking

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