Instagram is indeed one of the applications that is currently widely used by people of various ages. But that does not mean this application can be separated from various problems. One of the things that users often complain about is privacy.

Actually, Instagram continues to make efforts to ensure the safety of using the application. One of these benefits is that your Instagram account become more private and not visible to everyone. So you can take advantage of these security features.

Instagram users will feel more secure and calmer in using these features. One of the functions of this feature is that it can hide some or all of your posts. In addition, this feature also protects you from people you don’t know.

So with the presence of this security feature, you can be stricter in maintaining your privacy on your Instagram account from people you don’t know at all. Then your chances of getting unwanted problems will be smaller. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons for Instagram users to maintain their privacy.

If you want to protect your Instagram account by taking advantage of the security features provided by Instagram. Here we explain how;

Easy Ways to Lock Instagram Account

Instagram makes it easy for its loyal users to keep their accounts more secure. The feature in question is the “Private Feature” which aims to avoid problems with your security.

The way to activate this feature is also very easy to do. Actually, the way to activate it is relatively the same whether on a cellphone, iPhone, or laptop. For more details to activate these security features, here we explain how;

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. First login using your account.
  3. Then, go to your Instagram profile page.
  4. Go to the Settings menu > Privacy
  5. Then, select on “Account Privacy”.
  6. In the options, select and activate the “Private Account” option

Then select “OK” to change your account to private

After you have done the above processes, your Instagram account will automatically become a private account. So that you will be safer when compared to your previous account that has not been changed to a private account. If you find other problems because you don’t find the menus as described above, then you need to update. May be useful.

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