Instagram Reply Feature Doesn’t Appear – Currently netizens are confused with Instagram errors, because many Instagram features cannot be used because a warning appears that your IG Feature Error. The IG feature ‘Reply to you’ or ‘Add Yours’ has just been released by Instagram. With this feature you can share a topic, then you can give a reply as well as other people.

For example, you write a topic in the ‘Your reply’ feature on Instagram like this: “What was your best outfit when you went to the shop?”.

Users who see this can later provide replies that are answered using Instagram stories. Responses to the given topic can be in the form of videos or photos.

It can also just take a photo and then add a text arrangement. So it should be underlined, by you replying, you will not be taken to the Instagram DM page. Instead, go straight to the story creation menu.

The ‘Reply to your Instagram’ feature is very fun to try to fill your free time when scrolling through social media. But the problem is, not all users can find this feature in their Instagram application.

Causes Why Instagram Error Reply Feature Doesn’t Appear

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media in the world. It can even be said that Instagram users in the world are not inferior to Facebook users in terms of numbers.

As with other types of social media, Instagram can too error. But problems like the IG Reply Not Appearing Feature are actually not a serious problem. This is because there are quite a number of ways to deal with it.

The question then is why Instagram can? error? Actually, there are several reasons why this IG Reply Not Appearing Feature is common, why something like this can happen. One of them can be because of Instagram down.

In addition, the IG Reply feature does not appear suddenly error It can also be caused by not being able to use the latest version of the Instagram application. Then your Instagram account is blocked by Instagram or other parties can be the cause of the error.

Instagram suddenly error IG Reply Not Appearing feature can be caused by too many stacks cache files. Or it could be because your cellphone has a virus. Or it could also be caused by a bad Instagram system error.

But actually all these problems are not serious problems. It can even be said that it can be overcome easily. The reason is that it does not require special competence to be able to handle it. Or in other words anyone can handle it themselves.

The following are the causes of the Instagram Error Reply Feature Not Appearing on Android:

1. Try Clear Catche Cache is “garbage” when we use an application. Cache should be cleared, because it consumes Android memory. It’s easy. Open settings, tap advanced settings, installed applications, and select Storage, then you can do Clear data or Clear Cache.

2. Check Internet Connection Try checking the internet connection or Wi-Fi that is being used again. An unstable data connection is not impossible to cause Instagram problems.

3. Log Out and Log In Again Try logging out of your Instagram account, then log in/log in again. The goal is to start Instagram like a new app again.

4. Update Instagram Account Sign in to Google Play, open Instagram, and make sure your application is the latest version. Open My Apps & Games and click Updates on the Google Play Store.

5. Restart Smartphone Restart the smartphone, turn off the phone for 10-15 seconds then turn it on again.

6. Reporting to the Instagram Team If after doing various things the error is still there, then to report the problem to the Instragram team. The trick, go to settings, click help, touch report a problem, and write down your problem with screenshot evidence.

7. Change Password Change password periodically. This is important to avoid hackers trying to take over your account.

How to Fix ‘Your Reply’ Feature Not Appearing on Instagram

This feature is in the list of sticker icons when you will edit an IG story. Open the icon with the face image, then a ‘Your reply’ sticker will appear.

Use this feature to create a new topic. Remember! Create a new topic. If you want to reply, then you have to look for the topic in people’s stories list.

But if you create your own topic then reply to it is fine too. The problem, if this icon does not appear in the list of stickers. What should we do?

  1. Instagram App Updates

This is the main reason why you can’t feel this feature. Because you are still using the old version of the Instagram application.

Immediately go to PlayStore or AppStore, then update your application. After you update, please open the Instagram app, go to the stickers section then look for the ‘Your reply’ feature. Supposedly after updating the device, the feature can be used.

  1. Clear App Cache

If it turns out that this feature has not appeared, try deleting the cached data of the Instagram application. To do this, go to the ‘Settings’ menu > look for the ‘Applications’ menu > find the ‘Instagram’ app > go to the ‘Storage’ section of the Instagram app > then click ‘Clear Data’.

  1. Uninstall then Reinstall

Maybe the Instagram application on your device is a little error, you can refresh it by uninstalling and then installing again. If you need to turn off your cellphone then turn it on again.

  1. Update Your HP Software

It could be that the main problem lies with your device as well as your operating system. If there is a notification about a software update, try updating the software. By updating, various errors and bugs on HP can be fixed.

If you still can’t, then this is the right time for you to buy a new cellphone with higher specifications. For example, a cellphone with 3GB or 4GB of RAM. With this RAM you can enjoy various applications more smoothly.

How to Use the ‘Your Reply’ Feature on Instagram

So there are 2 parties that must be involved. Namely the creator of the topic, and the party who replies. Which side do you want to be on? Maker or avenger?

#How to Create Your Reply Topic

  1. Go to the story creation section
  2. Take a random picture or video
  3. Then in the editing section, click the ‘Stickers’ icon
  4. Look for the ‘Your reply’ feature
  5. Then create an interesting topic or question. Here you can also answer the questions/topics you have asked yourself
  6. People who see your topic, can reply and use it freely

#How to Reply to Your Reply Topic

  1. Open the snapgram of the person who posted this feature
  2. Tap ‘Your reply’
  3. You are immediately taken to the story creation page
  4. Take a picture or video or upload it from gallery
  5. Send

That’s how to fix your Reply feature not showing on Instagram.

For the sake of’s discussion about the Instagram Reply Feature Not Appearing and how to fix it.

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