Live Streaming Applications – Nowadays online activities are not just reading news or playing games, or just watching videos on YouTube or on other video platforms. Several years ago, using the internet only for entertainment, such as playing on social media or playing games and also watching entertainment programs on YouTube. However, in recent years the internet can also be a factor to bring in profits, both from selling and from live activities which netizens are also very fond of doing.

This live activity is like live streaming, usually used to provide live webinars as a substitute for seminars in general. This activity can bring a lot of income for the perpetrators because it is no longer limited to the area or city where the seminar is held.

Live streaming activities are now also highly supported by many applications that have features that will be very helpful in live streaming activities. In addition, HP devices or computers currently support live streaming activities, where live streaming itself does require a high-spec device so that there is no heavy burden when doing live streaming on a computer or smartphone.

Not only that, internet speed is also currently very supportive for live streaming purposes, so there are lots of live streaming applications that have been widely used and have become a necessity for some people to conduct online seminars or just team meetings.

For this reason, it is important to know what are the best live streaming applications that we can use, both free and paid. first, if we use a smartphone, so for those who don’t have a PC or laptop, using a live streaming application on a cellphone will certainly be very helpful.

Best Live Streaming Apps

Default Applications From Social Media

The first live streaming application is the streaming feature from social media on your cellphone. Because currently there are a lot of social media that provide live streaming features, easily and for free. An example is YouTube, which can provide a live streaming experience directly on your YouTube account.

The advantage of the default social media application is that you don’t need to install a third-party application to do live streaming, and it will really help you create a community that exists on your social media. For example, if you want to upload a lot of videos on YouTube, of course when you can do it by livestreaming on YouTube, so that your channel will grow and will also help you achieve targets on your YouTube account or channel.

Besides YouTube, there are many other social media that have provided this live streaming facility or feature, such as Facebook stream, which is currently widely used by gamers to stream while playing games. And also Facebook has monetize which means its users can monetize the content they upload on Facebook.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram also has a live streaming feature, which is widely used by celebgrams to earn more and also get more sales for e-commerce accounts on Instagram.


This is the most famous live streaming application among gamers, this one application is not just an ordinary live streaming application because this application is one application that can support e-sport matches, so if you are looking for a live streaming application for the best games, this application is the right choice. In addition, you can also build a community for various tips and tricks in playing games. So when you want to build a community of gamers, this live streaming application is the most suitable application for you to use.


Apart from the Twitch livestreaming application, the next best live streaming application is Cube TV, as with the previous application, this application focuses on the community for gaming, which prioritizes very high graphic quality, making it one of the favorites of gaming livestreamers in Indonesia. Currently, the profession as streaming gaming is no longer a profession that wastes time and spends money, but is one of the professions most used or engaged in by young people with whom they can make money.

If you like playing games, maybe being a gaming livestreamer can be an option for you to earn on the internet, just by running your favorite games and uploading them on your favorite social media. And this one application is an application that helps you to do live streaming, which you can share later on Facebook or on your YouTube channel.


This application is one of the most popular applications for live streaming applications in Indonesia, this gaming live streaming application is also widely used for live chat and also custom streaming displays.

Those are some live streaming applications that are favorites and also recommendations that are and are most widely used in Indonesia. Some of these livestreaming applications are very specific to gaming, because today’s gaming needs are not only recorded offline or online, even today’s gaming needs require live streaming or playing live.

For those of you who don’t need a live streaming application for gaming, or you’re not a gamer who wants to make live streaming content your main content. You can also use the default application from social media on your cellphone. For example, you can live stream on Facebook Facebook only use the Facebook application on your cellphone, or use Instagram for live streaming directly on your Instagram account.

As previously explained, this method is a method that has its own advantages, because you no longer need to bother installing or testing other live streaming applications, only by using the live streaming features in the Social Media application. Thus, you can also build more followers at the same time, without having to build followers on other live streaming platforms outside of your social media.

Besides that, live streaming can be done for videos that have been recorded in advance, there are lots of platforms that we can also use to make a live stream that has been recorded, or prerecorded livestream, one of which is OBS which we can use to do a pre-recorded live stream. , which means we can first record the live video, and then we set the settings in obs to be able to live stream directly on the platform YouTube or on other social media.

For how to set it up, you can look for another tutorial on how to set obs to be livestreaming with prerecorded videos. Thus the article about the live streaming application, hopefully this is useful and don’t forget to share if it is useful

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