Even though it is rarely paid attention to, IMEI is an important component of an Android cellphone. And if you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, then you must know the code and how to check IMEI on a Xiaomi cellphone to determine whether your cellphone is registered as genuine or not / fake.

By knowing and seeing the IMEI on your Xiaomi Android cellphone, you can distinguish whether the HP android You are real or fake. Considering that Xiaomi is a smartphone brand that is quite popular in Indonesia, there are also many fraudulent persons who duplicate it with other products.

IMEI is also used by the government in Indonesia to reduce illegal smartphone use. The way it works is they will block smartphones with unregistered IMEI from being used.

How to check IMEI on a Xiaomi cellphone

How to check IMEI on a registered Xiaomi cellphone or not is actually a very easy job. In fact, there are 5 different ways to see the IMEI of your Xiaomi Android phone.

After you have got the IMEI, then to see the authenticity of the Xiaomi cellphone you have to check online. Here are 5 ways to see IMEI on Xiaomi Android phones.

1. Check the HP box

Every Android cellphone that is produced always provides IMEI information on the product box packaging. Try checking the back of your Xiaomi cellphone box.

There will be listed all the information on your Xiaomi cellphone such as specifications to IMEI. For IMEI, you can usually see it at the bottom of the barcode.

2. Check the Xiaomi IMEI Code

The second way to see the IMEI of a Xiaomi cellphone is to use the code dial feature. This method is very easy because you only need to make a call, just like when you want to check your pulse.

Here’s how to check IMEI on a Xiaomi cellphone via the code dial:

  1. First open your Xiaomi cellphone.
  2. Then enter the phone call feature.
  3. Enter the dialing code *#06#
  4. Then a message will appear containing the IMEI number from the Xiaomi cellphone.

Notes: Some types of Xiaomi cellphones sometimes cannot use this method. What’s more, if the condition of the cellphone has been rooted or a custom ROM has been installed.

3. Check IMEI Xiaomi Through Settings

If your Xiaomi cellphone box is lost or you can’t check the IMEI via the code dial. Then this method can be the most suitable method for you.

How to check the IMEI of xiaomi cellphones via the settings menu:

  1. Go to the settings menu on your xiaomi android phone.
  2. Then enter the About phone menu (About Phone).
  3. Scroll down, tap the Status option.
  4. Tap on the IMEI Information menu.
  5. Then the IMEI will appear from your Xiaomi cellphone.
  6. Done.

After you have found the IMEI of your Xiaomi cellphone, write down the IMEI code or screenshot so you can save it.

4. Check the IMEI of the Xiaomi cellphone via the application

The last way to find out IMEI from a Xiaomi cellphone is to use the help of an application called IMEI Checker. You can find this application through the Google Play Store and can be installed for free on your Xiaomi cellphone.

Just install the IMEI Checker application on your cellphone, then when you open the application, your IMEI will be listed there. This application is very light because the size is only 4MB.

How to Check Xiaomi is Registered or Not

After you have successfully found out the IMEI of your Xiaomi Android cellphone. Now is the time to check whether the IMEI is original and matches the Xiaomi cellphone.

Here’s how to check imei xiaomi is registered or not:

  1. Visit the website mi.com/global/verify
  2. Type your IMEI into the IMEI or S/N serial number field.
  3. Also enter the verification code that matches the image.
  4. Finally, click the Verify button.

If your Xiaomi cellphone is genuine, a description of the cellphone model that matches what you have, starting from the type to the specifications, will appear. Meanwhile, if it is false, an error message will appear.

There are various ways to check IMEI numbers on Xiaomi cellphones that you can try. The easy way to check the IMEI number on a Xiaomi cellphone is intended so that Xiaomi users have no difficulty checking the authenticity of their cellphones.

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