Basically, the way to unfollow Instagram is by simply pressing the unfollow button on the target IG profile. Although relatively easy, but not a few who still do not know how to do it, especially for new users.

For old users, generally they already understand how to delete someone on IG. But to unfollow Instagram with a large number at once, maybe only some people know how.

Deleting a large number of IG followings at once or in bulk is often used by someone who wants to quickly unfollow all of their following.

Well if you want to know, here Eztekno will explain several ways to unfollow an IG account. Some of the ways below can be the best solution to delete following IG on your account.

How to Unfollow Instagram Manual

This method is generally used for users who want to unfollow someone on Instagram. You can do this using the Instagram app.

Here’s how to unfollow Instagram that doesn’t follow back without an application:

  1. Run the Instagram application through your cellphone.
  2. Then find the user you want to unfollow.
  3. On the target profile page, tap the Following button.
  4. Then select the Unfollow option.
  5. Now you are no longer following the IG account.
  6. Done.

In addition to visiting the Instagram profile page of the person you want to unfollow, you can also do this by accessing Following on your IG account.

How to Unfollow Instagram Many at Once

If you want to reduce the number of followings on your Instagram account quickly, then this method can be the solution. The reason is, here you can unfollow in bulk with a large number at once.

In this way, you have to resort to the help of third-party applications. This is because Instagram itself does not provide a feature to delete Instagram following in bulk or in bulk.

But you don’t need to worry, because the application that will be described here has been proven to be effective and safe to use to unfollow Instagram in large numbers. Here below is the review.

1. Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers is an application on Android phones that has a feature to manage Instagram followers and followings. Besides being able to unfollow in bulk, this application can also display those who don’t follow back on our IG account.

How to unfollow those who don’t follow back on Instagram:

  1. Install the application via the link above first.
  2. Once installed, please open the application.
  3. Then login using your IG account.
  4. Then select the Don’t Follow Back menu.
  5. Tap the Unfollow 50 option or unfollow one by one.
  6. Done.

This application is able to unfollow as many as 50 accounts at once. This is intended to avoid the Instagram account being blocked due to deleting following too often.

2. Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users is an application that is able to unfollow the following of more than 10 IG accounts at once with just one tap. There you also have a feature to see who doesn’t follow back on your Instagram account.

How to unfollow IG accounts that don’t mass follow back:

  1. Install the Unfollowers application on your cellphone.
  2. After that run the application.
  3. Login using your IG account.
  4. Then go to the Non Followers menu.
  5. Select the account you want to unfollow.
  6. Done.

In addition to having a feature who doesn’t follow back, this application can also display recently unfollowed accounts on your IG account.

3. Unfollow Pro

Unfollow Pro is an application that is almost similar to the previous application. However, the Unfollow Pro application is only able to unfollow up to 10 Instagram accounts at once.

How to delete Instagram following a lot and fast:

  1. Download the application via playstore.
  2. Run the application then login with your IG account.
  3. Go to the Unfollowers menu.
  4. Then press the Unfollow button 10.
  5. So 10 accounts were successfully unfollowed at once.
  6. Done.

If you want to delete more IG followings, then please repeat the steps above. But make sure not to be too quick to unfollow so that your Instagram account is not blocked.

4. Fast-unfollow

Fast-unfollow is an Instagram unfollow site in bulk which is quite useful for unfollowing IGs that don’t follow back without an application. The reason is, you only need to use a browser.

Here’s how to use the Instagram unfollow site:

  1. First, run your browser application.
  2. Then visit the site
  3. After that, login using your IG account.
  4. If so, press the run unfollowing button.
  5. Then the IG account will start to unfollow en masse.

Now, you just need to wait for the unfollow process to finish. You can also add another IG account to unfollow, but at an additional cost.

Also make sure your Instagram account has verified your phone and email to make it more secure when using some of the applications above.

Well, that’s how to unfollow Instagram without an application or with the help of an application. If you want to unfollow only one account, then it’s better to use the manual method.

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