Have you ever had problems downloading failed when accessing photos, videos, or opening WA stories? This problem can be fixed by fixing download failed on WhatsApp as a workaround.

WhatsApp is an application that provides media sending features such as audio, video and photos. Unfortunately, on several occasions, the process of downloading these files has failed.

This problem actually often occurs to WhatsApp users. This can happen because of an error when accessing it so you can’t open the media on WhatsApp.

But there is no need to worry, because this problem has a solution that can be used to overcome it. Below are some of the reviews from Sluruls to fix your problem.

Solutions To Overcome Download Failed on WhatsApp

Many WhatsApp users feel hopeless when this error occurs because there is nothing they can do.

Even though there are many ways and possibilities that can overcome this error. Here we share several ways to deal with failed downloads on WA.

1. Check Storage Space

Although downloading files from applications is closely related to the internet, the internet is not always the main culprit. File downloading can also be related to storage because later the file will be stored in memory.

When the download process via WA fails, the first thing you can check is the storage space on your smartphone. Make sure there is enough space especially used by WhatsApp to store downloaded files.

If this storage space is full or almost full, it’s no wonder the download process fails.

2. Check Signal and Internet Connection

As we explained earlier, the process of downloading files from WhatsApp is also related to the internet. Therefore, another thing that you should also check is the internet speed that you are using at that time.

Make sure your internet speed is enough to download from WhatsApp. Even though basically the download from WhatsApp doesn’t require a very high internet speed, it will still fail if the internet can’t connect at all.

To test your internet connection, you can do a speed test which is widely spread on the internet. Or you can also do it using the features provided by the Google search engine.

3. Set Date and Time to Automatic

The download process on the internet has a high sensitivity to the time on the device used. Not infrequently the time difference can hinder downloads that will be carried out on these devices, including applications WhatsApp.

You don’t really need to manually set the date let alone the time on your smartphone so that it’s the same as the current time.

Because smartphones have provided an automatic sync feature that you can use. This is the best way to sync time on mobile.

The method is very easy, if you still can’t, just follow the steps we share below:

  1. Enter smartphone settings
  2. Select the Date and Time menu
  3. Select the Auto Time Zone menu
  4. Enable the option.

Some smartphones may have different configurations. You can adjust it the way above. But in essence the process is the same, namely by activating the automatic time zone feature.

However, if you are a WhatsApp web user, then you can follow the following method:

  1. Right click on the clock in the lower right corner
  2. Click adjust data/time set time automatically in the options that appear
  3. Done.

Now the date and time on your PC are in sync automatically.

4. Check SD Card Health

The fourth way to deal with the failed download on WhatsApp applies if you use an SD card as a storage medium for WhatsApp files. An error or corrupt SD card can also be the reason why your download process always fails.

You can start by physically checking the SD card. If there is damage, then this can no longer be repaired and must be replaced with a new one.

Meanwhile, if the error that occurs is on the software side, then you can reset it by sacrificing all the files in it.

But don’t worry, before resetting you can back up these files so you don’t lose all the files that existed before.

5. Restart Smartphone

Trying to restart the smartphone also won’t hurt in case the download fails on WA. Because some errors that occur on smartphones are sometimes unreachable by ordinary users, the only solution is to restart the device.

Restarting itself will refresh all existing conditions on the device as before in the hope that the problems that previously caused WA download failures can disappear.

This method applies if the error or system error that occurs is mild enough. If it still doesn’t work, then further checking is needed.

6. Asking Sender to Send Back

Several cases of failed downloads on WA occur when someone wants to download a file that has been sent for a very long time. Like a few months ago, even in a matter of years.

In this case, the server has not saved the file and when it is downloaded, it will automatically fail.

The solution to this problem is simply to ask the sender to send the file back in the hope that the sender still has it. Because there is no other way, the files that existed previously were deleted from the server.

7. Check in Backup Cloud

If you use cloud storage to back up data on WhatsApp, then you can use this media to download files that cannot be downloaded from the WhatsApp application.

But you have to make sure that the file has been backed up before.

Conclusion Download Failed in WA

The way to deal with failed downloads on WhatsApp is not too far from memory and internet problems.

So you can focus solutions on these two aspects rather than worrying about having to think about problems that are too broad in scope.

However, if you are still having trouble solving this failed download, you can tell your problem via the comments column below.

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