WA downloads media automatically which eats up your storage space. However, you can overcome this by disabling automatic media downloads on WhatsApp.

Although this automatic media download feature is quite useful, many WhatsApp users complain about this feature because it wastes storage on their cellphones.

WhatsApp is by default set to download media such as photos, videos and audio automatically. However, WhatsApp also provides an option to disable it.

So, if you also feel that this automatic media download feature is less effective for you, then you don’t need to worry. Because Sluruls will explain it in this article in detail.

This auto download media is a built-in feature of the WhatsApp application. So, you can disable it directly from the application easily, even for beginners.

Here’s how to disable automatic downloading of media on WhatsApp:

  1. First, run your WhatsApp application.
  2. Then tap the three dot icon at the top to open the menu.
  3. Enter menus Settings.
  4. Next, Select menu Storage and data.
  5. Pay attention to the section Media auto-download.
  6. Please set this auto download feature for wifi and for cellular data.
  7. If so, tap the option Okay.

If you are still confused, for example you want to set that you want to automatically download only photos when using cellular data, then check for Photos in the section using cellular data.

Or you don’t want fully automatic downloads if you’re using mobile data. Then you have to remove all check marks, be it in photos, audio, videos and documents.

You can set it the same way in the wifi section. This can disable the automatic download of media on WhatsApp when your phone is connected to wifi.

Tips to Save Data and Storage

WhatsApp actually also provides an alternative way for those of you who want to save cellular data and storage but still want to activate the auto download media feature.

You can adjust the quality of uploaded media so that all media from WhatsApp can save data on your cellphone and your internet quota.

The method is not much different, just enter the data storage settings menu, then scroll down to the upload media quality section.

The final word

So, that’s how to disable automatic downloading of media on WhatsApp that you can use to save cellphone storage or internet quota when using WA.

Hopefully you can practice the above guidelines correctly and precisely. May be useful!

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