Have you ever seen a post on Instagram that was interesting enough to want to share it on IG or WA stories? How to share Instagram posts to IG and WA stories is quite easy to do.

As is well known, Instagram is a very popular photo and video sharing social media. Instagram users in Indonesia alone have reached more than 60 million last year.

Various types of photo and video posts have been shared on Instagram. There are also times when we see a post on Instagram that attracts attention so we want to share it.

Instagram itself has provided this feature for its users. This feature is able to re-share or repost posts on Instagram to IG stories, DMs, or other social media.

This feature is quite useful for reposting someone’s post on Instagram. In general, this feature is also used to share the information they find on Instagram.

How to Share Instagram Posts to Story IG and WA

There are several options when you are going to share a post on Instagram, be it a photo or video.

You can share the post to IG stories, send it to DM, or even re-share it to other social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

How to do it is quite easy because it only uses the default features of the Instagram application. Here’s the review below.

1. Sharing IG Post to Story

If you want to repost someone else’s Instagram post to your own IG story, then you can do it very easily. Just use the share feature that has been provided on the Instagram application.

Here’s how to share IG posts to Instagram stories:

  1. Run the Instagram application on your device.
  2. Then find the IG post you want to share.
  3. Then tap the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the post.
  4. Tap the Add post to your story option.
  5. Then you will be directed to the IG story feature.
  6. Add text or stickers if needed.
  7. Last step, send it to your IG story.
  8. Done.

After that, the IG story will display the posts you have shared. If you want the IG story to be more interesting, add filters, text or stickers to the Instagram story.

Sharing IG posts to Instagram stories applies to your own posts as well as posts from other people’s Instagram accounts. Very cool right?

2. Share to DM Instagram

DM Instagram is a direct message or direct message that functions to exchange messages between Instagram users. You can share Instagram posts to DM your friends or relatives.

Here’s how to share IG posts to DMs:

  1. Open the Instagram application first.
  2. Then open the IG post that you want to send to DM.
  3. Tap the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the post.
  4. Type in the Compose message section if you want to add text.
  5. After that, press the Send button according to the destination.
  6. Then the IG post will be sent to your destination DM.
  7. Done.

Note: If you share a post from a private Instagram account, then the IG account your DM destination must first follow that account so that the post can be seen.

3. Sharing IG Posts to WhatsApp Status

Want to share IG posts to WhatsApp? Then you don’t have to worry anymore. The reason is, Instagram has provided this feature so you can do it very easily and quickly.

How to share IG posts to WhatsApp:

  1. Open the IG post that you want to share with WA.
  2. Tap the three dots in the corner of the post.
  3. Then, select the Share option.
  4. Next you have to select WhatsApp.
  5. Select the destination WA contact or WhatsApp status.
  6. Last step send.
  7. Done.

Besides WhatsApp, You can also share IG posts to other social media available on your cellphone. To do so, simply change the destination set in step number four.

So, that’s how to share Instagram posts to IG stories and other social media. If you experience problems when trying it, let us know your problem via the comments column below.

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