If you want to save other people’s IG stories, this is very possible to do, there are even several ways to download Instagram stories, starting from without an application or with an application.

What we certainly know, IG stories are often used to share daily activities. You can create Instagram stories in the form of text, images or videos.

The story itself is only valid for 24 hours, and after that the IG story will be automatically deleted by the Instagram system. Unless you add it inside Instagram highlights.

This does not apply if the story belongs to someone else. Because you don’t have access to add those IG stories to your own highlights.

But you don’t need to worry, by downloading other people’s IG stories to the HP gallery, you can view these stories at any time or even do repost Instagram stories.

How to Download Other People’s Instagram Stories

There are several ways that you can easily download Instagram stories, from using an application to without the help of an application.

Articles to share Sluruls Regarding how to download IG stories, this has proven successful. You can use an Android smartphone, iPhone, or PC.

1. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram is an application on an Android phone that can be used to easily save other people’s IG stories. This app is free and you can install from google play store.

How to download IG stories using Story Saver for Instagram:

  1. Install the Story Saver for Instagram application in the playstore.
  2. Then open the application and login using your IG account.
  3. You will see a list of other people’s stories.
  4. Tap the IG account owner of the story you want.
  5. Select the Stories tab on the top menu.
  6. All Instagram stories will appear from the IG account.
  7. Select Stories then tap the download icon.
  8. Now the IG story has been successfully saved to the HP gallery.

This application also has a feature to download other people’s IG posts. There is even a feature that is able to save a large number of other people’s Instagram stories at once.

2. Instore: Save stories and videos

This application claims to be the best IG story download application in photos and videos. The total users of this application are more than 50 million and it has a 4 star rating on the playstore.

How to download other people’s Instagram stories:

  1. Install the Instore application via playstore.
  2. Then open the application.
  3. Login using your IG account.
  4. Tap the Instagram account that owns the Instagram story.
  5. Select the IG story you want to download.
  6. Then select Save to save the story.
  7. Done.

You can also repost other people’s Instagram stories using this application. Just follow the guide above, but you have to choose the repost option at step number 6.

3. Story Saver

From the name alone, this service already illustrates that they can be used to save their own and other people’s IG stories. This service is in an online format so that it can be used without the help of additional applications.

How to download other people’s IG stories without an application:

  1. Open one of your favorite browser apps.
  2. Then visit the website storysaver. net
  3. Enter the Instagram username into the column.
  4. After that press the Download button below it.
  5. Wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  6. Then the Instagram story appears at the bottom.
  7. Click the Save as Photo button to download the photo story.
  8. Click the Save as Video button to download the story video.
  9. Done.

This service is free and does not provide usage restrictions. So, you can download Instagram stories from anyone and as many times as you want.

4. Download IG Stories on InstaDP

Just like the previous method above, you can also download other people’s Instagram stories without the help of additional applications. So, you can use it on your iPhone or PC.

Here’s how to download IG stories without an application:

  1. Run a web browser like chrome, firefox, or opera.
  2. Then visit the following website instadp.com
  3. Type the IG username into the column provided.
  4. Select the Instagram account that you want to save the IG story for.
  5. Once open, enter the Stories menu.
  6. Then, the IG story that has been made will appear.
  7. Press Download the IG story section that you want to download.
  8. Done.

Now you have successfully saved other people’s Instagram stories without needing the help of an application. You can save anyone’s IG story, except for private Instagram accounts.

5. Screenshot and Screen Recorder

The final method for downloading other people’s IG stories on Instagram is by using the screenshot feature or a screen recorder application on your smartphone.

This method is classified as very easy and effective if you don’t want to bother when you want to save other people’s Instagram stories. If the story is in the form of text, photos or images, you can use the screenshot feature by pressing the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, if the story is in video form, then you can use the default screen recorder application from your cellphone. But if your cellphone doesn’t have it, you can use a screen recorder application that you can install.

Those are some ways to download Instagram stories that you can use to save other people’s stories without an application or using an application.

For the record, use this method wisely. Because it could be that every image or video from an Instagram story that you own is copyrighted.

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