Do you often hunt for prizes from winning giveaways on IG? Or are you still confused about how to win the random comment picker Instagram giveaway which is quite difficult?

You don’t need to worry anymore, because there are some tips you can try to increase your chances of winning in a giveaway on IG or on mehe is social whatever that is.

Giveaway is one of the most common events held on social media like Instagram. However, even though there are lots of giveaways, there are still many participants who are confused about how to win a giveaway on Instagram.

Apart from luck and fortune, there are lots of ways that you can apply, so you can increase your chances of winning a giveaway on Instagram.

Therefore, Sluruls will discuss about how the giveaway works on IG and how to win it.

Tips for Winning Instagram Giveaways

Actually, increasing your chances of winning a giveaway on IG is quite easy. You only need to pay close attention to a few aspects so that there are no mistakes.

But unfortunately, most giveaway participants feel that they are quite difficult to win in the giveaway. For that, you have to understand the following tips to win the giveaway.

1. Understand the Giveaway Terms

For those of you who know how to win a giveaway on Instagram, the first thing is to be able to pay close attention to the requirements that apply. Not infrequently the giveaway participants do not read the terms carefully, because they are in a hurry.

The effect is that they don’t carry out several conditions and in the end they fail to be able to get prizes from the giveaway. So, you have to pay close attention to this method so you can increase your chances of getting a giveaway.

Moreover, each party that organizes a giveaway always imposes several different conditions. Therefore, you must really pay attention to these conditions and don’t miss anything.

Usually you are only required to follow the accounts mentioned in the giveaway terms. Apart from that, there are also those who are required to like posts, repost, share, make them IG stories, and so on.

There are also those who impose very unique and interesting mandatory comment requirements to be able to win the giveaway. Maybe this will make you try harder to be able to make very interesting and unique comments.

If you object to some of the conditions, you can skip them and look for another giveaway. Also, don’t forget to set your IG account to a non-private account, so the organizers can check the authenticity of the accounts participating in the giveaway.

2. Pay attention to the Determination of Winners

In general, based on giveaways that are often held on IG, the organizers usually have two choices of how to determine the winner of the giveaway. The first way is by random comment picker and the second is based on the best Instagram comments.

Well, usually a giveaway that can attract the interest of many participants is by random method using tools such as and others. If it is determined randomly, then you must focus on being able to fulfill all the requirements given by the organizers.

Don’t miss even one condition because you can really fail to get the giveaway prize. Given that this random determination is actually very easy for the giveaway participants to carry out.

So, you can do this next method if the giveaway being held requires participants to make interesting comments. Don’t forget to also make comments that can attract the attention of the giveaway organizers.

Indeed, giveaway by answering this question will force you to think seriously. However, try not to just answer questions, because that will be in vain and only make you fail to get the giveaway.

If you want to participate, then prepare yourself to think about making a very interesting and unique answer. Apart from that, there is also a giveaway that requires participants to create content that is usually related to a particular product.

Create content that is also interesting and unique and can lure the organizers to see it. That way, the chances of winning the giveaway are getting bigger.

3. Giveaway Competition Analysis

The next method that is very important to do in order to win a giveaway event on Instagram is to analyze the competition of the participants. Without seeing and assessing the ongoing competition, you will find it difficult to win the giveaway.

For example, suppose you are required to make comments in an interesting, unique and different form from the others.

When you have seen some of the comments from other participants, you can assess whether you are able to compete with them or even more optimistic that you can beat them. This is the importance of competitive analysis when you enter a giveaway.

Another example is a giveaway with conditions to make the best Instagram photo. The competition analysis for this photo is related to the photographic equipment owned by the giveaway participants.

If you don’t have adequate photography tools, then you can be sure that your chances of winning the giveaway will start to drop. So, you can try to have some supporting photography tools so you can compete with the other participants.

4. Look for Unpopular Giveaways

How to win the next giveaway on Instagram might be a little weird but it can really boost your chances of winning. The trick is to choose giveaway events that are not very popular or well-known among Instagram users.

With the help of several hashtags on IG, you will be able to find giveaways that offer attractive prizes. Although usually popular giveaways will usually offer much bigger and tempting prizes.

You can use this method if you always feel unable to compete against other participants when you have done a competition analysis. However, if you feel confident and able to compete, then prepare all your abilities to get a big giveaway prize.

5. Don’t Miss the Giveaway Announcement

Furthermore, you also shouldn’t forget to check when the announcement of the giveaway winner is delivered to the participants. Because maybe you will win the giveaway.

Many forget when the winner was informed and the effect is that winners who don’t confirm are considered disqualified. So, try to always check when the winner announcement is made.

6. Pray and Keep Trying

This method is also the key to being able to win the giveaway, that is, you must continue to pray to God so that you will be given victory.

Apart from continuing to pray, you must also make an effort by continuing to try and take part in other giveaways and not give up.

Participating in giveaways is really very exciting and usually offers a very large number of prizes. After knowing some of the methods above, you can increase your chances of winning the giveaway.

So, that’s the article about how to win a giveaway on Instagram and on other social media such as YouTube, Twitter, FB, and others. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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