Now there are lots of posts on Facebook in a group in the form of porn indecent video posts. even though it’s not the person who has the account who sent the video. Then who is it?? if it’s like this, it can be danger, we will think we are masters of immorality again.

One of the entrance of this virus is through the script. This virus will ask the victim to install some kind of codec if you want to watch the video, even though what is installed is malware or it can also be through browser add-ons. so the solution is simple, if you don’t open that strange video, you won’t be infected with this malware. 😀

How to deal with malware tags or share 18+  videos on Facebook groups

Just go to the solution :

1. Delete all applications on your facebook

Go to menus settings, then select Apps and websites. View the list of active apps and remove any suspicious apps or games unless you are absolutely sure what they do. But to be safer, it’s best to remove all applications.

To delete it, please check the right side of all active applications, then click Delete.

Here is how the application linked to my FB looks like after I cleared it:

2. Setting “mark review” to ON

Settings, click timeline and tagging (Timeline and Bookmarks), at friend tag post review (Review), set to on. More or less the settings are like this:

Thus all tags do not appear directly on the timeline of your friends.

3. Check add-ons

Pay attention to the plugins in your browser, if there are plugins that you don’t recognize, immediately deactivate the plugin.

For those of you who haven’t been infected with this malware, you should never open a video link sent if you don’t want to get infected. Make sure to always check your facebook activity log, check alerts and post reviews. this is to find out what activity is on your facebook.

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